Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lucas Weekly : Week 38 {11/7/11-11/13/11}

Lucas and his cousin Linkan.  They're pals. :) 

Taken 11/12/11
35mm f/2.2 1/60 sec ISO 1000

Monday, January 30, 2012

Becky & Dave : Mokena, IL Engagement Session

I photographed Becky and Dave back at the beginning of December on a bitterly cold yet sunny day.  I usually shoot sessions by myself, but Seth wanted to hone his skill more to better prepare for when he second shoots weddings with me, so he came along with!!  It was AMAZING to have my partner in crime with me, especially when he volunteered to run to the Starbucks for some hot beverages for all of us! ;)  

Becky and Dave are getting married in TWO WEEKS!!!!  (AHHHH!)  We had such a great time with them during their engagement shoot that I literally CANNOT wait to see these two tie the knot!!!  One of my favorite things about engagement sessions is being able to talk to couples and get to know them in a low pressure environment, so that by the time their wedding rolls around, we're already friends.  I'm not some stranger wandering around with a camera, and they aren't just some people getting married.  We have a relationship, and I can truly be happy for them as they take the next step together by becoming husband and wife.  I love it!! 

And now, the cuteness that is Becky and Dave. :)

Seth wanted to try his hand at directing Becky and Dave, so he set up and took this shot!  It's one of my favorites from the session!

My perspective.

Another favorite! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lucas Weekly : Week 37 {10/31/11-11/6/11}

HALLOWEEN!!!  That sure was a long time ago, wasn't it??  I've been longing to get this post up because Lucas was so STINKIN' cute this year!!  

Things started off a little rough, but don't worry, the tears didn't last long. :)

Lucas in a half-shell...
Taken 10/31/11
35mm f/2.5  1/160sec ISO 320


A huge THANKS to Luc's Nana for making his costume again this year!!  It was a huge hit!

After a few houses, he got the hang of it and started knocking on doors...

...and helping himself to candy! :)

Happy Friday!!!! :) :) :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lucas Weekly : Week 36 {10/24/11-10/30/11}

I thought I was all cool back in this post when I cut Luc's hair all by myself.  Then I tried to do it again.  It turns out I'm not the stylist I thought I was.  I COMPLETELY butchered his hair and ended up having to use the clippers to fix it, but even that didn't make it look completely normal.  I almost cried.  Now don't get me wrong, I know it's "just hair," and having a few months since "the incident" (as I like to call it) has given me some perspective, but I just loved his longer hair so much!  Thankfully, as I type this, his hair has almost grown completely back to what it was, and you can bet your bottom I'll be taking him to a real professional for his next hair cut. ;)

Now, you may think it doesn't look too bad from this picture because you can't see the sides or back, but BELIEVE me, it was bad.  Like, I was embarrassed to take him in public.  (He still looks pretty darn cute in this picture, though, doesn't he?)

Fortunately, he didn't care as long as he had his cheese stick. 

And the official Lucas Weekly picture.
Taken 10/28/11
35mm f/2.8 1/800sec ISO 100

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lucas Weekly : Week 35-ish {10/17/11-10/23/11}

This is the story of young boy named Lucas, and his trip to the pumpkin patch.  

One fine Saturday in October, Lucas went to the pumpkin patch with his Daddy and his Aunt.  
Taken 10/15/11 (by Seth)

Lucas looked at many pumpkins, but for some reason, none of them could hold his attention.  In his heart, Lucas was sad.

He was sad because he had a story wanted to share with the world, but no one would listen.  His Daddy recognized this, and put him in a crate so he could shout his story to all who were near.

It was a rousing tale, filled with giants...


...and scary monsters.

There was also princess, however, she had come down with a case of the cooties, and only made a brief appearance. 

When he had finished tale, he became silent.  

His heart was filled with happiness because he was able to tell his story to others, and he was satisfied enough to pick out the perfect pumpkin.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucas Weekly : Week 34 {10/10/11-10/16/11}

Move over, Ryan Gosling, there's a new heartthrob in town!

Taken 10/10/11

Hahaha!  Sorry about that, I just couldn't help myself when I saw that picture!  :)  

Lots of pictures from this week!!  Seth took all of the park pictures, as I was at home dying on our couch.  

Static head!

And then Seth realized he put Luc's shoes on the wrong feet. :)

These pictures in our backyard were taken by me on 10/12/11 and were just too much fun for me not to include in this week's posting. 

This next set is so funny to me! Lucas has always been really good at throwing things, so we gave him Seth's Frisbee disc to throw around just to see what he'd do, and he was actually throwing it the right way!!  My little frolfer! 

Click Here to see more Lucas Weekly pictures!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lucas Weekly : Week 33 {10/3/11-10/9/11}

Nothing like a good cuddle when you're feeling sick!  I think I was around 9 weeks pregnant here, so I was feeling pretty nasty.  Lucas isn't normally a cuddly person, so it was very special to me that he decided to get all cozy with me when I wasn't feeling well. :)

Taken 10/7/11

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucas Weekly : Week 32 {9/26/11-10/2/11}

Is it wrong that I think his crying face is so darn cute, and also kind of funny??

Taken 9/30/11

The Fings to the rescue!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Matt, Gladys, Brianna, Mia, & Alex : Carol Stream, IL Newborn/Family Session

A couple weeks ago I shared this session of Matt, Gladys and their two kids Brianna and Mia.  A few weeks after that session, little Alex joined their family, and Gladys invited me over to photograph the sweet peanut!!!  (Did anyone else just get hungry after seeing the words "sweet peanut?" No? Moving on...)

The guys. :)

Family of FIVE!!!


The face he's making in this next picture is my favorite baby face of all time.  I love those wrinkles!!!

Little smile!!!!!!!

Congrats again, Matt and Gladys!!! :) :) :)