Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucas Weekly : Week 15 {5/30/11-6/5/11}

Going outside with Lucas at the beginning of summer was always very amusing.  He absolutely HATED being the grass! I've heard this is pretty common, so maybe you other mommies and daddies out there know what I'm talking about. Whenever I would try to put Luc down in the grass (especially without shoes), he would do one of two things: immediately freeze and start crying, or fall down on his butt and lift his legs up so no exposed limbs were touching the grass.  I'm a horrible mother, but I'd laugh either way.

So whenever we'd go outside, I'd have to bring a blanket for Luc to sit and play on.  He'd crawl to the edge of the blanket and look at the grass, and even occasionally pull out a few blades, but he wouldn't venture off.

Taken 5/30/11

I just love his face in this picture! He looks a little upset that I left him on his blanket then went somewhere he can't follow.  My little munchie-munch!!

So, it's been, oh, about two months, since I've updated my Lucas Weekly pictures.  Feel free to click here if you need a refresher on past pictures.  I'd promise you that I'm going to catch up soon, but whenever I make that promise I seem to get further and further behind.  So, until next time! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stephanie & Josh | Sneak Peek : Rockford, IL Wedding

Here's a quick peek at Stephanie and Josh's wedding from a couple of weeks ago!!!  Can't wait to share the rest, this group SO much fun!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Katie & Heath | Sneak Peek : Blumen Gardens, Sycamore, IL Wedding

A little preview from Katie and Heath's beautiful wedding!!  More to come in the next couple of weeks! 

Happy Monday!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christy & Jake : Blumen Gardens, Sycamore, IL Wedding

Jake and Christy were married last month on a sunny, warm Monday evening.  We've known Jake since he was little, and I can't believe he's all grown up and married!  Makes me feel old, but I'm so happy for them both!!  They've spent their entire relationship apart from each other (click here to read their story), and it's such a joy for Seth and I to see these two finally together. :)

I was slightly frantic the day of their wedding.  The Weather Channel was calling for severe storms all day, and the wedding was supposed to be outdoors.  I spoke with Christy the morning of, and she was very calm had a great attitude about it!  We worked out a game plan in case of storms, but despite her positive outlook, I knew how much Christy wanted to get married outside at Blumen Gardens.  We all set about praying at once, and wouldn't you know it, not a single drop of rain fell all day!!  :)

Blumen Gardens is such a beautiful place to shoot, and when it came to the ring pictures, I couldn't decide on my favorite shot. :)

Christy looked like someone right out of the movies, she was so glamorous!

Could she BE any more beautiful????

Jake was looking extra dapper in his dress blues.

Seriously, Christy, you're killing me!!

I just love the look on Christy's face when Jake saw her for the first time!!

So much sass going on's awesome!!

Christy had a very particular place in mind for the ceremony to take place, which was right outside of the Tea Room, and if you've ever been to Blumen Gardens, you know it's not a very large area.  Everyone had to stand and squish together, which made it a much more personal and intimate environment.  

Jake's family is very close, and his dad, Dan, officiated the ceremony.  

Jake's mom, Laura. :)

In your face, severe storms!!!

My favoritest first kiss shot ever. :)

Jake thought it'd be awesome to cut the cake with his sabre.  It was. 

Congratulations, Jake and Christy!!!  We love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!