Friday, April 29, 2011

Lucas Weekly : Week 9 {4/18/11-4/24/11}

I am constantly amazed at how fast kids grow.  Having a child of my own and seeing that firsthand makes me appreciate the value of photographs so much more.  If I didn't see the importance of my job before Luc was born, I certainly do now.  Being able to go through pictures of Lucas and see those changes is something I cherish with all of my heart.  And even though it's a relief to not take a picture of Lucas every day (what the heck was I thinking???), there's a small part of me that feels as though I'm missing out.  That I might be robbing the future me of remembering how Lucas was at every point of his life.  Obviously, this is just me being crazy, and I think it's now apparent to everyone that I suffer from "the grass is always greener" syndrome.  This is where Seth would call me Eeyore and encourage me to suck it up.  Well, fine.  I will cheer myself up by posting some INSANELY cute pictures of Lucas beginning to embark upon a new milestone! :)

Check out who can stand up all by himself!!  Don't you just love that tongue??
Taken 4/21/11

Won't be long until my little Snoopy is walking!  Guess it might be time to actually baby-proof things, huh?

Luc also had a taste of Daddy's fruit smoothie and LOVED it!  It was so funny to watch him drink it through a straw!

He was very excited.

 Then, we spent Easter out in Iowa with his cousins, Ellie and Linkan.  Today (4/29) is Ellie's 3rd Birthday!!

I love this one. :)

If you're new to the blog, welcome! And feel free to check out the other Lucas Weekly pictures!  If you're a regular reader, well, you are just awesome. :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucas Weekly : Week 8 {4/11/11-4/17/11}

Almost 2 weeks ago, it was a beautiful 80*F here in Illinois, which in April is almost unheard of.  I thought it was heaven.  Mother Nature must hate me, though, because it's been rainy and in the 40's ever since.  But anyways, my sister-in-law (Auntie AJ) was over and watched Luc for us while we went out for a couple of hours the day it was 80*, and when we came home, she had him dressed like this.  I about melted on the spot, and it had nothing to do with the weather.  He was so. freaking. cute.  

Taken 4/10/11
(I realize that this was taken a day earlier than the week started, but for some reason last week I thought I was starting Lucas Weekly weeks on Sunday and not Monday, so I thought I was all good and didn't take any more pictures.  Apparently I don't have a brain any more. ;)

I've been unable to catch Lucas whistling long enough to take a video, but I have something almost as good,  a photograph.  Complete with drool dripping down his chin.

This one reminds me of this picture from Lucas 365.  

A preview of his teenage years??

Happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lucas Weekly : Week 7 {4/4/11-4/10/11}

This week's Lucas Weekly picture is of a view that I'm sure is pretty common to most parents. :)  

Taken 4/5/11

This week was also filled with a bit silliness.  And magnet eating.

Is it wrong that I think his sad face is hilarious??

Happy Tuesday!!!  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

So long, Diet Coke

Hi.  My name is Chrissy.  I'm a Diet Coke-aholic.  And I'm ready to change.

I've never considered myself to be on the crazy spectrum of Diet Coke drinking. I usually have 1 can a day, occasionally 2 (I'm sure that's crazy by someone's standards, but I try to keep it somewhat limited).  And I've tried to justified my DC drinking by thinking it could be worse.  I mean, it's not like I'm smoking or getting drunk, right?  Seth has always argued that this way of thinking isn't logical, that I'm still putting something harmful into my body, and deep down I've always known he's right.  But it's an addiction. Plain and simple.

I've been going back and forth about breaking this addiction for some time now.  But as alcoholics enjoy drinking alcohol, I enjoy drinking Diet Coke.  I look forward to eating lunch every day knowing that my precious DC is waiting for me, all nice and cold and bubbly.  I work hard as a stay-at-home mom, and a small business owner, so don't I deserve it?  Um, hello! As scary as that thought sounds, it's the thought that goes through my head every day as I'm pouring myself a fizzing glass.  I mean, COME ON!  I can't think of other, healthier things that I deserve??  Like not getting cancer or developing other serious health problems from the aspartame?  Or osteoporosis from the phosphoric acid leaching the calcium from my bones?

The thing that really freaks me out is when I drink it even when I don't want it.  It's like my body craves it and my brain can't do anything about it.  Even when I'm sick and have a taste for no food at all, I'll find myself drinking a Diet Coke just because.  Healthy, huh?  

The thing that solidified my desire to change was a particularly insane DC drinking day yesterday, when I had a large Diet Coke from McDonald's with lunch (yes, LARGE. That's 32 ounces, people!!), then a can-and-a-half with dinner.  I felt out of control.  Because I AM out of control.  

Maybe I'm being over-dramatic about this, but I don't care.  I don't want to be a slave to something this stupid any longer.  Life is just too dang short.  So here's the deal, I've tried to kick this habit before, but I've been all "I'll only have some when we go out to eat" or "Only on holidays", which inevitably turns into drinking it again full-time.  So this time, it's over.  I'm breaking up with you, Diet Coke.  For good.  The end.  So help me God.  (Seriously, God, please help me. I'm going to need it.)

Now, which way to the support group?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Lucas Weekly : Week 6 {3/28/11-4/3/11}

I was literally LOL'ing while picking the picture for Week 6.  Lucas is at such a fun age!  He's becoming independent, talkative, and he's also starting to mimic the little things Seth and I do.  For instance, when I change his diaper and talk to him, he exaggeratively nods his head and says "Umhmmmm", which is what I do to him when he babbles.  He's also starting whistling.  I have no idea how he learned to do this, but it started a couple of weeks ago I think by accident.  Now we've made such a big deal about it that we can sometimes get him to do it by asking and whistling to him.   It's a low, quiet noise that could easily be mistaken for the wind when it whistles through a window or door.  I've been trying to take a video of it, and if I do, I'll post it for you guys because it really is hilarious. :)  He's also started making these AWESOME faces, which brings me back to this week's Lucas Weekly.  He was playing with the crossword section of the paper and being totally silly!

Taken 4/1/11

And with all of the crazy faces he made, I can't post just one!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Lucas Weekly : Week 5 {3/21/11-3/27/11}

So now that I'm a few weeks in, I've been reflecting on last year's Lucas 365 and how it compares to my Lucas Weekly project for this year.  So far, it's been nice not having to remember to take a picture every day.  I don't miss running into Luc's room at 11:30 at night to grab a quick picture of him sleeping because I forgot to take one earlier in the day, and I don't miss racking my brain for hours trying to come up with something creative to do with him.  But on the other hand, I do miss having the consistency of a picture a day.  I still find myself waiting until the last minute to take a picture (which is out of control, if you ask me!).  And every once in a while in the middle of the week, I'll freak out thinking I forgot to take a picture, then remember I still have days to take one!  I'm hoping to find a nice rhythm soon. :)

Anyways, the picture for week 5 is a shot of one of Luc's new favorite pastimes: playing with the fridge magnets.  He mostly likes to move his hands back and forth real fast across the fridge until he's cleared it of magnets, but every once in awhile I see him trying to put them back on.  Oh yeah, and he likes to put them in his mouth.  Can't forget to mention that. :)

Taken 3/24/11